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The Montgomery County Chamber Music Society (MCCMS) is a group of intermediate and advanced musicians who meet to play in small ensembles each Friday evening in Rockville, Maryland. Instrumentalists of all types are welcome. We have piano-equipped rooms and an extensive library of sheet music. You are welcome to bring music from your personal collection, too. No previous chamber music experience is required but sightreading is essential.

For now, we are not holding physical meetings. However, if you would like to offer to play over the internet in the meantime, use the friday subgroup to self-coordinate ensembles:

When we are back in session, let us know by noon on each Friday if you're coming, the instrument(s) you're bringing, and a rough idea of your sightreading skill so we can group everyone into appropriate ensembles.

You may also find our other subgroups of interest. For more info:

There is no charge for participation. Thanks to Living Faith Lutheran Church for providing us with rehearsal space.

To share photos, videos, or other news, post to our facebook group.

Our website:

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